For over 20 years, Bill Platten gave so much to Big Brothers Big Sisters. A board member; a sponsor to our major fundraiser; a donor to our holiday giving program; an organizer of meals; gifts and goods for our families; a recruiter of board members; and most importantly, a mentor to a young man name DeMarkis since 2011.

I was amazed at his giving spirit. He was always so kind, engaging, and ready to make a change in the lives of children in the Mid-South. After learning about the mission, he worked tirelessly with his best friend and lovely wife (Rene) to connect the agency to businesses and individuals who could contribute to the task.  Bill Platten died from COVID19. We will continue to honor him through the William “Bill” Platten Scholarship plan.  The William “Bill” Platten Scholarship program will support high school students transitioning to post secondary education, trade school or the military.


Hollis and Burns Insurance Company has supported Big Brothers Big Sisters for over a decade assisting the agency in Insurance selection and management.  In addition the company provided training for the staff to keep the staff informed and safe.  During the pandemic, Hollis and Burns informed the Executive Director that they would love to provide a donation to the Hollis and Burns Scholarship Funds to support middle school graduates transitioning to high school.

For more information about the the scholarship funds contact Marilyn Williams at mwilliams@bbbsmidsouth.org