Michael Williams - Big Brother of the Year 2019

Michael Williams said he was once asked the question, what made you want to be a Big Brother? He had several reasons for answering the call to become a mentor. The first he said , was that God instilled in him a need to want be of service. Then, he wanted to be the mentor to a young man that is lacking the influence of a positive male. He said that those people that influenced him helped him navigate life’s pitfalls, encourage positive choices and taught him that he would have to be prepared to face the consequences if he chose to make poor choices.

Michael has gained a lot of experience as a volunteer on many projects prior to Big Brothers Big Sisters. He saw and heard an advertisement for Big Brothers Big Sisters during a time where the news was crying for help from the community to help improve the conditions for our young girls and boys. Michael feels Big Brothers Big Sisters was the best fit for his community engagement needs. He enjoys spending time with his two Little Brothers and allots most of his time to doing great activities as he wittingly passes on many of the life lessons that were shared with him when he was a young man. He said paying it forward was very important to him. For this reason, Michael was chosen to be the Big Brothers of the Year for 2019. See Michael's interview.