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BS Jessica Geter - 2019 Big Sister of the Year

Jessica Geter is the Big Sister of the year for 2019. She was highly recommended by her Case Manager for being dependable, encouraging, and supportive to her Little Sister. Additionally, she scored high in points by the BOTY Judges. They all appreciated reading how Jessica has help her build confidence in ways that neither Jessica or Latonya had imaged possible.

Jessica said she would never forget the day she met Latonya at the Big Brothers Big Sisters office. She stood closely next to her mom and didn’t say much.” She was a shy fourth grader that told her new Big Sisters she wanted to be a cheerleader or a Disney star. Jessica remember thinking, “ I love that she is a BIG Dreamer.”

Because of her job with a local news station she has had an opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and children that were full of courage and endless laughter. These are traits that she saw in Latonya. Mentoring is vital, it builds a child’s confidence, self-esteem and create positive behavior.

Jessica has been an amazing support to her Little Sister and is enjoying witnessing Latonya’s growth. She is trying new things and speaking in front of crowds. Things she wouldn’t have try when they first met. Visit our website and see Jessica and Latonya interview. Its amazing.