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Alicia Rose - 2017 Big Sister of the Year

Alicia Rose enrolled to become a volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters in May 2014. She had graduated from Arkansas State University and moved to Memphis for her job. She wanted to get involved with the community and be a positive example to a child who needed direction and guidance in her life.

Alicia and Jakiyah met each other at their match meeting at the Main Library in Memphis on June 2014. Jakiyah warmed up quickly to Alicia at the match meeting and was very happy to have Alicia as her mentor. Alicia and Jakiyah began spending time together and began going on outings such as to museums, out to dinner, and to the Kroc Center. They developed a strong bond and Jakiyah was happy to have Alicia in her life. She was glad to have Alicia take her on outings in the community, and she had a chance to have someone outside of family who could be a sister-figure for her.

In January 2015, Jakiyah’s mom became ill and passed. Jakiyah then went to live with her father. During that difficult time in Jakiyah’s life, Alicia continued to be there for Jakiyah to help her through the grieving process and she was the friend that Jakiyah could count on.

Today Alicia and Jakiyah continue to have a great match. Jakiyah’s father speaks highly of Alicia and does not know what he would do, had Alicia not been Jakiyah’s mentor. Alicia and Jakiyah are sure to remain “sisters” for many more years to come.