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Our Mission

​Create and support one-to-one mentoring relationships that ignite the power and promise of youth.

How it works


Our Programs

Children (“Littles”) and their mentors (“Bigs”) meet one-to-one, for a minimum of four hours a month to do activities of their own choosing. It is not what they do together that is important, rather that they meet consistently and develop a bond. Whether bicycling in a park, completing homework together, or just catching up over a meal, matches develop arelationship with a lasting impact.

We have two signature programs: Community-Based and School-Based. Community-Based is the traditional Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring program most people think about when they consider becoming a Big Brother or Big Sister. Volunteers spend time with a child for two or three hours, two or three times a month in the community. School-based mentors meet with their Littles one hour a week in a one-to-one setting during the school year at a local elementary school.


Our Impact

BBBSMS is proud to offer high-quality programs that focus on building longer and stronger mentoring relationships between the children in our program and their mentors.

Recent survey results of Bigs and parent/guardians whose Littles had been matched for 12 months or more found:

Facts and Figures


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